Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Rants

The other night I went to bed with lots of thoughts and opinions on what i heard in the news that day. I think Liz is tired of my rants, so i am just going to do some weekly rants or raves on here.

*National news*

One of the main ones was where and the hell is this country going? Why are we every other countries baby sitter? Why worry about a little place like Syria? We have so much more going on here that needs attention from Obama. I am not a fan of Obama. I did not vote for him, but i expect my President to actually look out for us here in America. I voted for Romney, but i was not really keen on him and his flip flopping on his stances on a lot of issues. Do i think we would be better off with Romney? YES. But i have to support who we have in office, but it is so damn hard to be behind someone who hears from a Nation about his policies and he still does what he wants, and pretty much says F’Off to the average American.

I could care less about Syria. Its not a problem we should be involved in. If we do get involved, its going to cause other countries to start backing up Syria, and in my opinion start a domino affect that will not be good for America. I hate feeling that we are in a Country that cares more about what goes on in a Terrorist Rich country than our own, that if we go there, it will cause Terrorism to come here more and more. There were already demonstrations here in the USA after they were talking about sending in troops to Syria.

Zimmerman / Martin: Thank goodness this is over. Zimmerman should not have ever been tried. But of course once the President got involved, he had to go to Court.

*Local news*

Slack-Line Death: A guy riding a bike down Aggie Hill at a high rate of speed, went through an area where some people were slack-lining and garroted himself and broke his neck when he hit a slack-line. I think it was the fault of both the biker and slack-liners. I have done slack-line before in Park City and we always had the line at or below knee height. The one on Aggie Hill was chest high. To me that is way to high. They must have been doing flips and tricks on it to be that high. The biker should not have been riding that fast and from witnesses reports he was going way fast, and did not stop in time when he was yelled at and warned about the slack line.

Lets Follow the Deer: There was a nice sized buck that had to be put down last week in North Logan because it was wounded from being shot by an Arrow that did not kill it and it got the wounds infected with maggots and was slowly dying. There have been articles in the Paper about the big bucks in and around Hyde Park, and North Logan. My parents have had the bucks in their back yard and they are beautiful. My friend has had hunters sit right on the border of his property in Hyde Park and watch the deer in his yard or his neighbors yards just to get a shot at the Deer. There is so much crap going on with these so called hunters telling others they would do anything to get those Bucks that the cops are now monitoring the deer herds and watching the watchers. Just irritates me that people are so insensitive and callous to the safety and welfare of the public and doing things legally.

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