Thursday, October 3, 2013

Story #1

I love this time of year. Fall colors, snow starting to fall, and Halloween. I am going to share some stories and incidents that happened to me that are creepy, and a little scary over the next few weeks. These did happen and some of you who read this were there as well.

* Strange Things Happen in the Wilderness* & * Old man Herzog *

This incident happened while i was camping with my scout troop up Green Canyon just above North Logan. Our Scout leader Scott E. was always full of stories about the woods and would always tell us around the campfire that “Strange things happen in the wilderness”, and we would laugh and ignore it and make it an inside joke the rest of the camping time when something strange happened or weird sounds were heard.  

Well we were sitting around the campfire and we asked him if he had any new stories and he asked if we have ever heard of Old Man Herzog. We all said NO, and he started out by telling us that Old Man Herzog used to live in Hyde Park and was an older gentleman who was sort of a hermit. I can’t remember what year he told us, but he said that one weekend that Old Man Herzog was invited to the wards Father and Son camp-out above Hyde Park. He was social and seemed to enjoy everyones company, but sometime during the night he was seen walking away up the Canyon away from the Group Camp and was not seen again. He said that they sent out search parties and did not find a thing. But years later people started seeing or catching glimpses of an older man in and around the foothills above Hyde Park and North Logan. They said he was really nice, but seemed to vanish as soon as he walked by. We all enjoyed the story.

We played games, ate, and went for a night hike and then came back and played Steal the Flag. Now the area we were camping at is at the Top of Green Canyon and the dirt road ends. There are no other areas to camp and an old lumber road was gated shut and looked like it was not traveled on for years. So we were playing Steal the Flag and we were having a fun time. I was hiding with my friend Bill and Brett when we caught a glimpse of something white coming down the hill through the trees across the road coming in our direction, and then an older man emerged and walked up the road in front of us, stopped and said “ Hi, how are you doing Guys” and kept walking and then crossed the road up the other hill side and was gone. We just sat there and were like, first off how did he see us, we were being quiet, especially after we saw him coming down the hill, and then it was dark and we were behind a big bush and the moon was not fully out, and then when he went up the other hill with no trail, flashlight or anything, that is when we ran back to tell our leader. We got back to camp and told Scott and he just looked at us and said “I told you, Strange things happen in the wilderness”. We all freak-ed out for a bit.

Do i believe we saw Old Man Herzog? Not sure. Was it strange to have an older man walking with no flashlight, headlamp, or any sort of camping gear in the middle of the night with no other campers around us? YES. Are there other stories and strange going ons in Green Canyon? YES.