Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ummm... Thanks

It is now November. Its the month of giving Thanks and the start to the fun holiday season.

Normally when people say they are “Thankful” they talk about their spiritual side of things and how thankful they are for church or god and what blessings he has bestowed and granted on them.

I don’t need that. Its hard for me to even hear any mention of God or any sort of religious talk or under-tones. I have a real hard time believing in a being that I in my life has had no interaction with on nothing more than just a superficial level. To me things that happened after i prayed were just an everyday coincidence, they were not answers. If you really wish it / have faith in what you need, your mind will create the reaction you are hoping for.

As most of you know and read on my past posts ( now erased, my mistake ), i have had a life long struggle with being a member of the LDS Church. I tried to fit in, to follow the herd and to be part of something that I have questioned since i was younger. Do i feel bad or have any concerns about when i die about not being able to see my loved ones again? NO. I will see them again. And i do believe that. 

To me just taking a step back to research and really looking at how i was living and who i was trying to be helped a lot. Seeing some of the things the Church was involved in made it even easier.

So this years up-coming holidays are actually more exciting for me. I am relaxed. I am happy. I am seeing this holiday in all aspects other than Jesus’s birthday. I love this time of year, i get to see people i love and care about.

I can’t wait to watch football, home-made rolls, the pies, the turkey, stuffing, Liz’s Sweet Potato/Yam casa-role, egg nog, playing with McKinley in the snow, Hardware Ranch trip, McKinley visit to Santa, christmas concerts, holiday parties.

I am thankful for everyone of you who are still friends and family after all of these years.

Quote(s) of the Day:

“I don’t object to the concept of a deity, but I’m baffled by the notion of one that takes attendance and asks for 10% of your income”- Anonymous

“Everyone should be allowed to worship according to his own inclinations”- Flavius Josephus

Video of the Day:

ROAR : Katy Perry

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