Monday, November 18, 2013

What i see while driving..............

Driving the city bus around Logan I get to see and experience lots of things on a daily basis. One thing that is always eye opening to me is what kids wear now a days. Since when is it hip or in style to wear skin tight clothes, ( all skinny jeans are ugly on both sexes) Just so you know, and clothes that are not the right fit for their bodies.  I am a big guy and I make sure I am not showing all of my excess padding to the world. That is why I ordered bigger shirts, so when I had to bend down, there was not a full moon over Mihami showing to the world.

And what is up with the see through spanx or however you spell that. I see many girls wearing these with nothing on underneath. And some of them leave literally nothing to the imagination. And sometimes the sunlight makes it way worse. I mean McKinley will have to shoot me to ever allow her to wear those type of clothes.

I hate how the kids nowadays think they have to be like their idols and show their bodies when they do not have to and would be much more beautiful covered up.

Some other things from the bus:

1. Crazy stories I get to hear daily.
2. People who don't know how to use a cross walk.
3. People / Drivers who think my bus can stop on a dime. I mean airbrakes are great, but I am going to protect myself and the passengers before I worry about hitting your car if it comes down to it.
4. The smelliest people sit in the back of the bus right by the air intake so all the smells come right up to me since its a circulating fan.
5. People who think we are taxis and even though they are not by a stop expect us to stop.

The fun life of a bus driver.

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