Thursday, January 30, 2014

Popping up at random times

A few weeks ago Liz and I were talking and I was telling her about a website I was constantly on and commenting on. It is called . It helped me realize that it was ok in feeling how I was about the Church and my years of being a half assed member and that I could walk away from it and not care. So I told Liz that I would get off the website because to me it was making me angry, it was making me feel taken advantage of, and really despising the Church and its bold faced lies to the members and of its past. So I had her change my password and I told her I would no longer long on to that site.  And I have not.

I do not need to go and look for validation of my feelings about the Church. They find me. Like tonight. I was just browsing the online version of Newsweek and this article is on the site.

Before I got off PostMormon I was holding lots of feelings and ill-will towards the Church. I hated knowing that the history that is taught is not what really happened. I hated seeing the Church start to go back on its past and pretty much throw Prophets and Apostles under the bus. To me, the Church is doing what they always have done since the beginning with Joseph Smith which is find something that works, and use it as long as you can and then once it starts to fall apart at the seems, flush it, change it and say it was never doctrine or ever taught or it has been interpreted wrong.

I have lost friends because of my change of heart and stance on the Church. Does it hurt? Yes. Do I understand? Yes.  But I thought my friends would not let one thing get in the way of our lifelong friendship. But to each their own. I am letting them go from this point on.

I hope that if you have Doubts or questions about the Church, you go out and research for yourself, look at both sides. I did.

 Do not do as President Uchtdorf said in his Conference talk about "Doubting your Doubts". They don't want you to break away from the herd and find out what really is out there.

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