Monday, May 5, 2014

Change is never ending....

Today while driving the bus I had the chance to see how life could have been for me and how it could still be for me if I did no not change.  I look at these people and realize that i am just a few bad decisions away from becoming them, living how they do.  Now most of them have always made choices to get them in the shit that they are in, but to me that is just environment and a learned behavior.  I have always known right from wrong. But i sometimes chose the wrong thinking it was right and ended up needing the right path to get out of the crap that i got into.  Sometimes the path closed behind me, sometimes it opened up at the other end, but the middle was a path of darkness and despair.  I had an attitude growing up that i was always right, i would not listen to anyone. Sometimes i would listen, just not let them know i did and i would do what they suggested, and sometimes it work, sometimes it would not.

I am changing. I am changing for the good of my life. The good of my wife and child. I am changing for a chance to live longer. Changing for the sake of changing and become a way better person in the long run.

I am asked a lot why do i blog? Why do i share my feelings, thoughts, and supposed insight? Well i do it mainly for my mental health. I rather get my thoughts out then hold them in. I did that for to long. I held things in until they would explode or end up causing me to do something rash.  I am not sure how much i should share, but if i feel like sharing it, i will. Some of it will not be pretty. I am not going to sensor my self, thoughts, language or how i feel. It is who i am.  But whatever i share, i do hope that it can help who ever reads this in some way.

Quote(s) of the Day:

"People get comfortable with the way you are—they have formed their opinion of you based on everything they see and know about you as a person. When you change that up, they no longer understand you."

"Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator and change has its enemies."- Robert F.Kennedy

Video of the Day:

 I picked this song because its meaning is so true. This is only a temporary place where we are living. We will all one day die and who knows what is on the other side. I do know that whatever it is, its going to be great and a continuation of the love we have found in others.

Carrie Underwood - Temporary Home

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