Thursday, November 5, 2015

Adverse Effects

I know I said that I was done talking about my spiritual journey. But this is bugging me. And what is bugging me is the way MY decision has affected Liz’s life and the way she is perceived and treated by others.

I want you all to know that Liz has been nothing but supportive of me and my decision. She does not like it, but she knows me and has seen that I am happier. We don’t fight at all anymore. Our biggest fights were about Church.  I love her more than anything and if I thought for one second my decision had any ill affect on her I would change that. But my decision has not changed her spirituality or the way she lives her life, or the way we are together.   

What it has done is change the way people treat and interact with her.  It is really frustrating to me, because Liz is not that kind of person, she is so loving, caring and compassionate that it hurts her to have this happen. She has not said it, but I can see it on her face.

And that is something that I knew would happen, but was hoping it wouldn’t. But growing up in the Church, I have seen it all too often. One part of a couple leaves the Church and the other spouse is lumped in with that person’s belief and supposed sins and transgressions.  And you can tell me that it’s not true, but I know you have all seen it, have done it or experienced it. I used to be that way. I assumed a lot and treated couples and people who were struggling with or left the Church in a snide way.

I support her in her wanting to attend Church, to teach Peanut the gospel and to continue her love of the Scriptures. I have not hindered her in any way, shape or form her spiritual path.  She is not falling away. She is not following me down a path of despair.  I am on a path of my own. And I am walking this path with my wife and daughter firmly planted in the Church. I guess you would say I am on the outside path of the Iron Rod.  I am not holding tightly because I don’t need to.  I have fallen too much deeper and darker areas in my life that I was afraid I was never going to get away from.  And you know what pulled me up?  God, words of encouragement from friends and family, other religions, my faith and the love of my wife and daughter.

I am asking you all too please take a look and ask before you judge.  That is something we should work on every day.  You never know what another person is going through. 

Quote of the Day:

“A man lets you know who he is by how he treats others.”
Mo Williams

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-Looking for Space- John Denver

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