Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Who are we Spiritually accountable to???

This post might make some of you uncomfortable.

A few weeks ago I was in a group discussion with some people on facebook and it also spilled over into work. The subject came up of being held accountable when it comes to being truthful with the Bishop when it came time to get your temple recommend. Now i know you are all wondering what was i talking about with then, with all my recent posts and thoughts on the Church and how i feel about it and how great its been releasing myself from its grip.

But one comment really struck me and I asked him point blank if he ever masturbated. No Answer from him at all. Which to me was his answer. I then commented that if you go to a Bishops interview and when he asks the sexual pure questions and you say you do not do any of them, than are you not lying and should you be deemed unworthy to enter the Temple? Of course people will say that the Church knows no one is ever perfect and assumes as much and that white lies like that do not hurt. But it is pounded into men's heads from a young age that Our Little Factories are for procreation only and not to be used willy nilly for self amusement. But as most of you guys know who read this and ladies take note, sometimes Its needed. Sometimes you have to and ladies if you can, help him out.
 ( and for one, i hate that they generalize the penis or anything thought as sexual into such an industrial sounding scenario ).  

It is something for me that strikes home because I have had a few instances with the Church and its supposed Courts of Love or Disciplinary Counsels and I felt like it was not any of their business. I look back and ask myself " Why did I go?" The answer is pressure, pressure to fit in, pressure to not be looked at as you don't take the sacrament and so on. I let my esteem be persuaded by the thoughts of others and my spiritual self suffered for it.  I actually walked out of a Church Court when the questions were getting to intrusive, they wanted details that to me were not relevant to the point. I told them as such in my way ( which most of you have experienced with me ) and told them to do whatever they wanted.  I never did hear back.

The point is that i have learned that my spiritual accountability is up to me and God. No one else has a say. I don't have to go confess to anyone. I don't need to be told that i am letting my family down and or hurting my spiritual path. And that goes for all aspects of your life and spirituality. There is so much more to worry about than what the Ward, Bishop,Friends or Family will think.  Why stress over things that have no bearing on the type of person you want to be and truthfully want to be.

I can honestly say that I am Happy with my spiritual side.  I am finally un-hiding my true self, take it or leave it.

And i wish the same for you. I know some of you believe and are steadfast in the LDS Faith that is great. I am glad that it works for you. Whatever religions or spiritual aspect you live by, just be happy and know that its ok to have thoughts outside of what is perceived or taught by your leaders. Stand up for what you believe and not what the majority thinks. Defend yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

Quote of the Day:

"I learned in an extremely hard way that accountability falls with me."
-Stephen Baldwin-

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  1. I completely agree. It's no one else's business. If Christ is my judge, then...logically Christ is my judge, not some man or men sitting behind a desk and a title.
    As a deacon I was taught to lie about masturbation. I completely enjoyed it, (still do) I knew nothing was wrong with me for doing it, but I knew I had to lie to the bishop in order to "be worthy" in HIS eyes. I knew the sons of other men in the Bishopric would have circle jerks on scout trips, and there they were on Sunday morning passing the sacrament...not a care in the world. And they were good guys, kind, considerate, spiritual in every way expected of them.
    We are brain-washed into thinking masturbation makes you feel dirty and guilty, and less spiritually. We only feel that way because we've been told to feel that way. Masturbation is accepted and practiced by 92% of the worlds population. Who are we that we think we're so different and special because we deprive ourselves and our youth the natural exploration and expression of solo sex.
    Thanks for your comments.