Sunday, January 31, 2016

Starting to feel and see the Changes

I am feeling good. My mind doesn't seemed muddled with tons of thoughts and worries. And i really believe that it has to do with the Changes that i am making. There have been a mirade of changes that i can see. I feel better. I sleep better. I don't hurt at all. I used to wake up with sore joints and muscles and I do not have that anymore. Liz has said that I look like i have lost weight. And i feel that. I feel lighter. And this time it has not been hard. I think its because I finally made up my mind to do something about it and to continue to improve myself in all areas of my life.

I am also seeing changes in my mood spiritually. Some of my posts have irked some people and that is understandable. And that is also ok. I am not going to change them to fit what they want to hear. But i have also not bashed the Church as some have said. I am not Anti. And Yes. I still believe in God, Jesus and Good vs Evil.

I wrote this on my friends facebook page after he shared this. I am sure some of you read or saw it. But I will share what he wrote and than what i wrote. It clarifies things for me and I hope for you with where I am spiritually, since my decision has made some of you abandon our friendships and pull away from me.

Part of what he wrote: This is the part that struck me and I have tried to explain, but i never put my words behind scriptures. 

Alma Chapter 30:7-11
7 Now there was no law against a man’s belief; for it was strictly contrary to the commands of God that there should be a law which should bring men on to unequal grounds.

8 For thus saith the scripture: Choose ye this day, whom ye will serve.

9 Now if a man desired to serve God, it was his privilege; or rather, if he believed in God it was his privilege to serve him; but if he did not believe in him there was no law to punish him.

10 But if he murdered he was punished unto death; and if he robbed he was also punished; and if he stole he was also punished; and if he committed adultery he was also punished; yea, for all this wickedness they were punished.

11 For there was a law that men should be judged according to their crimes. Nevertheless, there was no law against a man’s belief; therefore, a man was punished only for the crimes which he had done; therefore all men were on equal grounds.

*My response*

As the Scripture above says, its each persons individual choice. I feel that sometimes Members of the Church have a hard time differentiating between that. Just because a person leaves the Church, its not anything against their friends, families or leaders. Its a choice that they feel is right for them. So when we see people taking our decisions personal and then trying to put something negative on it, it hurts. I have said this before; I could care less how you are spiritually, its each persons choice, but why is your WAY better than mine, when it even says in the Scriptures that its OK. People who have a conflict with the Church and have left, it does not necessarily mean that they have lost their faith or belief in God. But that is one of the things that members of the Church assume. We it comes to me, I believe in God, Jesus, the battle between Good and Evil. I just have no interest in wasting time anymore with an organization that I don't believe in. It does not mean that I have lost my spiritual side.

I am excited to see and feel the continuing changes not only in me physically or mentally, but also in all around Life. I finally feel that i am slowly getting a grasp on who I am and where i want to be and continue to go. 

I hope you are well and hope to hear from you.

Quote of the Day:

" I feel myself becoming the fearless person I have dreamt of being. Have I arrived? No. But I'm constantly evolving and challenging myself to be unafraid to make mistakes." - Janelle Monae

Video of the Day:

Living in the Moment - Jason Mraz

Friday, January 22, 2016

Touched some Nerves lately???

A few of my posts have touched a nerve with some people.  Most of the responses I have gotten have been great and very supportive.  But there have been a few that say I should apologize for things I have written.  And I have thought about that. And I have to say I have nothing to apologize for. 
 I stated at the top of my blog that these are MY opinions and thoughts.  I am not going to sensor myself because it will offend someone.   I have not written anything that I would or have not said before.  Most people who know me, know that I can be blunt, untactful, and have a don’t care attitude.  And I try not to show that side of me and I have even tried to be better at thinking before I speak. But sometimes if the subject gets me riled enough I will speak my mind. I have that right, as do all of us.

 I also am fair. I don’t judge.  There might be arguments, but the main thing is that we will probably agree to disagree and that we always won’t see eye to eye. That is ok. That is what makes America great. We don’t all have to step to the same beat. We can eat, say, drink and do whatever we want. It might offend some, but that is ok.  As long as you are not forcefully trying to make someone do or believe what you do.

You should learn something every day and take away something from it.  I will never ever force my beliefs on anyone else.  That is one thing I believe. You have the right to follow and do what you think is right.  If you don’t like something change it, speak up, but you should also realize that there will always be opposition and people who do not believe what you do.

Some of the things I believe that some don’t are:

Friends of Bill and Hilary Clinton death rate are extremely high. They are being silenced.

Most of the LDS Church History, and how it has been taught over the years. And the ever changing historical facts with the Church essays and trying to become more in line with what ex Mormons and anti-Mormons have stated for years before the Essays. Their double standards and business dealings.

The Gov’t was behind 9-11, JFK

The Gov’t routinely stages events and shootings to push their propaganda. Just look at Sandy Hook and some of the weird things around that.  

Global Warming is a myth.  It is the Earths own cycle and how it lives and develops its self. Do we have a hand in it? Sure. But only a small bit.

Big Pharma is only in it for the money. They have cures of certain diseases, but will not bring them out because they would lose trillions if people started to get better. They only treat symptoms not the disease.

So those are a few of my beliefs and hopefully you will have an open mind as I will with your beliefs as well.

I hope you continue to read my posts and comment or email me. I love to talk and discuss things in a civilized manner. Anger, name calling, rudeness and threats will be deleted and I will not respond.

Quote(s) of the Day:

“We don’t need to share the same opinions as others, but we need to be respectful” – Taylor Swift

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” – Steve Jobs

Video of the Day: Normally I would try to find something to match the mood and subject matter of my blog, but today. I just want to feel good and have here is a feel good song.

Alright – Darius Rucker

Saturday, January 2, 2016

This Years Bucket List

I have tried for years to do a bucket list and have tried to make some checkmarks on it.  It has not been going that well. Sure, i have done some fun things and got to travel and enjoy spending time with Liz and Peanut, but I put off things for me. Liz says that i need to start doing things for myself and to enjoy what I used to do or feel like I need to do.

The list is varied and not long. It is a mix of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual things that I want to accomplish this year. Some will take hard work and dedication and some will be pretty simple. But I want to make this year a great year for not only myself, but for Liz, Peanut and everyone i love and care about.

#1. Lose weight. I am not putting a number or a specific weight. I don't need that. I just want to feel good for me, and when i am there, I will know. This will be my main goal for the year. Its time i focus on it. I want to be around for a long time and right now with the way my body is acting, its needed.

#2. Draw more. I used to love to draw. I have done some painting and little sketches here and there the past few years, i just need to focus on it and do it. I was pretty good before i stopped.

#3. Listen to music more and watch less TV.

#4. Go for one hike a week. It could be the Logan River Trail. the Wind Caves , White Pine Lake, China Wall or any other area that i enjoy.

#5. Go camping 2 or 3 times with no phone service, internet or alarm clock. Just some food, books, sketch pad, fishing pole and my camera. Decompress with no distractions.

#6. Read one book a month. It could be more, depending on the book subjects or series that I choose.

#7. Take 2 or 3 trips with just Liz and I.

#8. Daddy Daughter Date night once a month with Peanut.  She does want to do a bigfoot hunt with me one night. * As you know, i am a believer *

#9. Show love and caring for the friends and family that i have neglected.

#10. Smile more, pray more, and be Happy a lot more.

Like i said, its not a long list. I might add to it or take some away. Depending on how things line up for me and our situations. Things change around here a lot.

Quote of the Day:

"Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another."
- John Dewey -

Video of the Day:
- Don't Stop me Now - Queen ( to me this is the greatest Rock and Roll Band )