Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Where do we go from here???

I know most of you will not believe. That is OK.  Over the past few years I have had the chance to see what some may call Ghosts, shadow people.

I have always believed in spirits. I guess it goes back to childhood watching Halloween cartoons. My favorite still is the Headless Horseman.

 Something always struck me about the afterlife. I was never afraid of it. I have experienced death in many ways. I have seen accidents where people have died. I have been in rooms when I was CNA when some passed.  I have seen patients die in other rooms while sitting with Liz in hers.   I know that this is not the end.

Some of you know about the experience we had in Coeur D’Lane, Idaho. Liz and I both woke up at the same time and could feel a presence. I opened my eyes and saw a big black shadow at the foot of our bed with red eyes staring at us. Liz did not want to open her eyes.  It stayed for a few more seconds and than was gone.  We never saw or felt it again.

This is what I saw. Just at the foot of our bed, not on the side. 
We currently live in my Great Grandparents old house. From the first week we moved in we have seen shadow person (s).  One night Liz and I were in the front room watching TV and we both saw a shadow poke its head out from the kitchen and back in. We both looked at each other and said did you see that.  It is always in the kitchen area where I see it. I have never seen it in any other room.  McKinley has told us about great grandma and how she protects her in her room. She says lives in her closet.  McKinley says she is very nice.   Liz recently has seen a taller shadow person who has tapped her on the shoulder a few times and whispered to her, she says its a man.   I have not seen him yet.  We do not have any sense that these are scary or that we should be fearful, like the one in Idaho.

I do know that our eyes and mind are not playing tricks on us.  I love knowing that OUR loved ones are around us at all times. Just because they are gone, does not mean that they are really gone.

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