Saturday, May 21, 2016

I can't do it anymore

My religious/spiritual journey has been a long one. Its been filled with guilt, anger, hostility and searching. But the past few months have shown me that there is no room in my life for any organized religion. I just can't see any happiness or life building worth on being led by leaders who's interests are fleeting at best for the well being of myself and others because they are only concerned about their celebrity  and the awe and love they blindly get from members.

I am tired of "Laws" being passed in our Gov't to appease ones religious groups standards or moral compass. Little by little our rights are being taken away because someone got offended by this or that.  Each person has the right to believe, act, say, watch, and do anyway they want. They should not feel pigeonholed to fit into what others want or feel. Each person has their own moral compass of what is right and wrong for themselves.

To me there is more to "spirituality" than a Religion. There is more ways to worship God or feel worthy of Heaven than how much tithing you pay, if you accept callings or going to countless meetings. 

The LDS Church preaches family togetherness, but what do they do? They keep families apart during the week. With meetings, young men/young women activities, callings that take up family time, cleaning the buildings. That is not family togetherness.  But to the Church it is if the families wholeheartedly believe in every single thing that is spewed from the pulpits and the magazines.

 I feel that sometimes people put that above everything else. They will leave jobs, get divorced, make extreme sacrifices to move on up the supposed ladder to Heaven and their standings in the Church. 

There is not one TRUE religion. 

Quote of the Day:

" Almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so." - Robert A. Heinlein

Video of the Day:  * warning to lds/mormon readers. This may offend you *

Trash: ( Tyler Glenn ) Neon Trees

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Can't or Won't Answer / I won't let you Leave

Can't or Won't Answer

I have always tried to have an open mind and if I did not know something, I would go and find the answer. I love to know how things work, were developed, why they were developed.  That has been one of my biggest struggles my whole life with the Church.  I have had questions and concerns and like most of you who have left, asked questions and was met with either a " I can't answer that" or a flat out "Won't discuss those things, they are meant to be revealed a later date".

The Church does not want you to question. As they have said, "Doubt your Doubts". Why would they want you to doubt your feelings? What are they afraid of?  Some of you think I am listening or have been corrupted by Anti-mormon friends, websites or literature. 

If this is the case than LDS(.org) is the largest anti-Mormon website on the net. Almost all of the concerns former members have, have been cited and verified through the church's own official resources. Take the "CES letter" for example, when the author Jeremy Runnells wrote the letter he utilized the church's own resources to cite his concerns. He then has asked the church two questions only, "(1) If the letter is incorrect, please explain how so it can be corrected. (2) If it isn't incorrect, why am I being charged with apostasy?" His apostasy charges were still applied. Yet, his counsel refused to answer either question. 

Ironically, current Mormons are now the ones using "unofficial" sources for apologetics to attempt to answer the concerns. The church has yet to respond to our concerns with anything other than blame towards anyone who is vocally questioning in the form of disciplinary counsel.  

The CES Letter is a must read for anyone. Member and Non Member. The Church has not given any answers to Jeremy's concerns. 

I Won't let you Leave

A few weeks ago Jeff Holland spoke in Tempe, Arizona. He admonished anyone who QUESTIONS, who has doubts. He also said that HE WILL NOT LET YOU LEAVE.  He compared the Church to a boat and that to jump ship was the DUMBEST thing you could do.  His tone and his candor were ratcheted up a bit more to in my opinion instill Fear of anyone who was in the audience who was doubting.  

I feel like such a dupe for trying to pattern my life to the mold they present and want everyone of us to conform to.  I always had a in the back of my head respect for the leaders of the Church. No more. Why would you let 15 Men tell you how to live? Why do they have that big influence over you and your emotions?

Jeff Holland has no control over me. He can't stop people from leaving. He is helping more people leave by spewing this crap. Thank you Jeff for making my decision that much more easy.

Quote of the Day:

"The key to wisdom is this - constant and frequent questioning, for by doubting we are led to question and by questioning we arrive at the truth" - Peter Abelard

Video of the Day:

I was going to put the new video by Tyler Glenn ( Neon Trees lead singer ) called Trash.  But I decided not to add more fuel to the fire. I am sure you have heard about it or seen it.  To me its a great expression of anger and how he is feeling with his current belief in the Church and how the new handbook policies have affected him and others in the Church.  

So instead I will share his interview: